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Pos Translation provides top quality translations, with fast turnaround times and an affordable pricing policy in a wide range of languages for your written translation projects. All of our projects are carried out by native translators with grammatical, historical and cultural precision.


  • Document Analysis and Proposal: Documents to be translated will be assessed by a project manager, and a proposal containing the translation languages (source language – target language), character count, content, pricing and delivery date will be sent to you.
  • Translator Selection and Forwarding: Confirmed projects will be sent to a selected translator based on the Project content (commercial translation/technical translation/legal translation etc.). Terminology from our database or that you have provided will also be forwarded, and the written translation project will begin.
  • Editing and Formatting: At this stage, the completed translation will be sent to an editor where spelling, punctuation, and consistency and compliance with terminology will be checked. Either the existing formatting will be preserved or the file will be formatted as requested.
  • Translation Delivery: Your translated document will be delivered on the date provided as per the proposal in the original or requested format by courier or email.
  • Customer Satisfaction: After the translated document has been delivered, the project will be signed off upon your confirmation.

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