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The pricing of written translations is based upon the number of characters in the document and on the source and target language of the translation. Our translation agency’s pricing process is in accordance with The Act of Fees Statute No.492 where pricing is based upon 20 lines, or one thousand (1000) characters without spaces, in 12 point type.

Pricing is not based on the source document, but on the basis of 1000 characters (letter) or 140-180 words from the target document. Word and character counts are based on the word-count feature of the Microsoft Office Word program.

18% VAT is not included in the price of written translations.
The price of written translations does not include notarisation fees.
The notarisation fees will be set by the notary.
Discounts for projects over 50 pages.
Additional discounts for projects over 100 pages.
The best deals and prices are available on the basis of yearly contracts.
Affordable prices for faculty and theses.
Please contact us for translation and interpreting prices.

For the pricing of all your translation projects, please get in touch at info@tercumanlazim.com .

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