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Our telephone interpreting service has been developed to allow two people without a common language to communicate over the phone. Our telephone interpreting service can aid in the communication between the relevant individuals. Often, telephone interpreting is performed consecutively. Listening to the speaker, the telephone interpreter first understands every detail of what is said, then expresses the subject to the listener in their preferred language.

Wherever you are, Pos Translation's telephone interpreting service will help you save time and money. Pos Translation's interpreters guarantee a flawless, 24/7 telephone interpreting service.

Key Features of Pos Translation's Phone Interpreting Services

An accessible, non-stop 24/7 service.

A high quality service using interpreters who are experts in their field.

Pos Translation provides flawless telephone interpreting services to the industrial, legal and medical sectors in more than 40 languages and dialects.

Our telephone interpreters are on hand day or night to help in any emergency situations.

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