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The translation of documents for various International organizations or government agencies may occasionally be required. These documents requiring notarisation or sworn translation are generally used in dealings with official organisations. In order to be legally valid, they must be translated and signed off by a sworn translator.

Sworn Translator

Upon completing their higher education diploma in a translation-related field, an individual can apply to become a sworn translator. After completing a competence test in the presence of an already sworn translator, they can take an oath and become a sworn translator themselves. This authorisation is then connected to the notary where they took the oath. Sworn translators can be attached to several notaries. Sworn translators assume responsibility for the accuracy of the translations they carry out. Documents for cross-translation are first translated into Turkish from the source language, certified by a notary, and then translated again into the target language and certified again. Along with written translations, our sworn translators provide interpretation services at notary offices, courts, land registry offices and other official authorities.

Documents requiring sworn translation include: Diplomas, passports, criminal records, birth certificates, death certificates, identity cards etc.

Notarised Translation

Documents translated by sworn translators are delivered with the required notarisation.

Our company, which has a staff of certified translators in all languages, offers a notarised translation service for your all of your official activities.

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