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Subtitle translation goes beyond hearing and seeing. It's the explanation of a voice. Subtitle translations are split into two categories: subtitles in the same language for those hard of hearing, and subtitling for foreigners.

Translating subtitles is a challenging task. Explanations have to be made in a limited number of characters, at the same speed as the dialogue, and in just two lines. Subtitles also only have a very short time on screen; no more than 6 seconds.

Fitting the subtitles within the boundaries of the on-screen dialogue, keeping the meaning of the original words, and doing all this without running over into the following dialogue or tiring the eyes of the audience: these are the key to successful subtitling. To achieve all this requires training, experience and practice. Subtitling takes far less time and is significantly cheaper than overdubbing. Research shows us that even films which aren't heard in your native language can be memorable. In subtitle translation, this is what we aim to facilitate. Pos Translation doesn't just convey the nature of the dialogue in its subtitle translation, we also express subtleties of language, topic and literature.

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