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Live interpreting, generally used by organisations who have a large number participants at their congresses, seminars and similar events. The interpreter sits in a booth listening to the speaker through headphones and translates into a microphone for the listener. Simultaneous interpreting is a type of translation which is heavily reliant on experience. It's a dynamic, multi-faceted skill. It takes the ideas heard in one language and expresses them in another. Errors in simultaneous interpreting are unacceptable. Any incorrect translations can pile up and change the direction of the entire speech. There is a huge difference between knowing a language and simultaneous interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting requires two interpreters. After a certain amount of time interpreting, they should be switched to avoid fatigue. The selection of interpreters who are experts and well-experienced in their field, and the provision of the required equipment is one part of this process.

Providing quality simultaneous interpreting services

Whatever your needs, whatever the subject, wherever you are in the world, we provide flawless simultaneous interpreting services in all language combinations.

If you are planning a large-scale, multi-lingual event, we can also provide the required simultaneous interpreting equipment. With the latest technology and our quality-certified equipment, we provide impeccable simultaneous interpreting services for your conferences and seminars.

Simultaneous interpreters provided by Pos Translation will be at the desired location on time, and begin preparations. As a valued customer, you'll notice our seriousness and dedication to quality as we organise the interpreting of your event.

Furthermore, all of our interpreters sign a confidentiality agreement, so you can be sure your company's details and the details of the event are in safe hands.

Pos Translation Office offers services from its team of:

  • German-Turkish Simultaneous Interpreters
  • Arabic-Turkish Simultaneous Interpreters
  • Chinese-Turkish Simultaneous Interpreters
  • Persian-Turkish Simultaneous Interpreters
  • French-Turkish Simultaneous Interpreters
  • English-Turkish Simultaneous Interpreters
  • Italian-Turkish Simultaneous Interpreters
  • Spanish-Turkish Simultaneous Interpreters
  • Russian-Turkish Simultaneous Interpreters

We also provide services in less common cross-language interpreting:

  • Arabic-English Simultaneous Interpreters
  • German-English Simultaneous Interpreters
  • Chinese-English Simultaneous Interpreters
  • Dari (Farsi)-English Simultaneous Interpreters
  • English-French Simultaneous Interpreters
  • Japanese-English Simultaneous Interpreters
  • Italian-English Simultaneous Interpreters
  • Spanish-English Simultaneous Interpreters
  • Russian-English Simultaneous Interpreters

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