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Our Philosophy

Pos Translation is founded with a system adopting, as from 1996 which is its foundation year, an understanding to ensure our customers to attain a most perfect and fastest translation by starting out from the rule of professionalism which is its sole philosophy.

We keep to correctness and ethical standards up to the end, in respect of our translation services in all languages.

Giving a service to our customers with a purpose of maintaining a perfect partnership as from the date that it has gone out to work, POS TRANSLATION presents you stronger advantages in respect of cost and time.

''We see words and symbols everywhere and everyday; one gives birth to another one, as long as the human wisdom has understood and interpreted. Each of actions attains to the brain via translation of eye or ear and this process does not get interrupted. That is to say, there is an endless word pool around us; there is an effort to conceive, interpret them and to convert them into understandable words once more. Wherever we go, we are in a process of struggling to convert ''something'' within inevitable eternity.’’ C. Sanders Pierce.

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‘’Bu web sitesinde yayınlanan tüm özgün metin ve görsellerin telif hakkı Pos Tercüme Ltd. Şti.’ne aittir.’’