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Legal translation includes the translation of documents with any legal content. Companies in every sector may require translation of court documents, articles of association, income statements and tender specifications, as well as other documents relating to commercial activities.

If these documents are to be used in the international arena, then they must be translated by a sworn translator and be notarised.

Working throughout Turkey, POS Translation will deliver your documents once they have been translated by a sworn translator and notarised, via courier or email, even if you are outside of Istanbul.

We deal with: company agreements, contracts, licenses translations, qualification documents, court decision documents, commitments, population copies and related documentation, certificates of receipt, sales contracts, circulars, settlement deeds, judicial documents, articles of association, legal articles, rogatory correspondence, regulations, foreign regulations and guidelines, association statutes, power of attorney, real estate purchase and sale documents, patents and license application documents, documents related to employer-employee relationships, income statements, operating tables, examination, expert reviews, tax plates and construction contracts etc.

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