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Italian - Turkish Translation: Whatever the subject of you translation or interpreting projects, Pos Translation Services provides the highest quality, most accurate and most affordable service from Italian to Turkish or Turkish to Italian translations.

Our Written Italian Translation Services

Pos Translation Services understands the need for quality, speed and reliability in the area of Italian written translation. Your translated documents are delivered in the desired format via e-mail, fax or courier.

Sworn Italian Translation (Notarised Italian Translation) We and our team of sworn Italian translators are at your service for documents which need sworn translation or to be notarised, from Italian to Turkish or Turkish to Italian.

Italian Technical Translation We and our team of Italian translators are at your service in construction, automotive, electronics, engineering, textiles, shipping and any other sector which requires expertise.

Italian Commercial Translation: We and our Italian translators are at your service in sectors such as banking, finance, insurance and investment consultancy

Italian Medical Translation: We and our Italian translators are at your service in the medical sector for areas such as pharmaceuticals, drug companies and medical device manufacturers.

Our Areas of Italian Interpreting

Pos Translation Services and our interpreting team provide Italian consecutive and simultaneous translation services.

Italian-Turkish Consecutive Interpreting:

We and our Italian to Turkish consecutive interpreting team provide consecutive interpreting for interviews, international fairs and trips, corporate meetings, machines installation, accompanying your foreign guests, construction sites, factory visits, overseas phone calls, training programs, product presentations, teleconferences, videoconferences, press conferences and other situations which require consecutive interpreting.

Italian-Turkish Simultaneous Interpreters

At events with a large number of participants, such as congresses or seminars, we provide simultaneous interpretation services with our Italian simultaneous interpreters.

Cross-Language Interpreting

Alongside our Italian to Turkish interpreting services, at the same time we also provide cross-language interpreting services into other languages. Please contact us for cross-translation services.

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