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Desktop Publıshıng (DTP) is a procedure which deals with the general appearance and style of translated and edited documents. The documents of our international customer, such as catalogues, brochures or leaflets etc. need to have their page structure, paragraphs and characters preserved. In the global market, desktop publishing services help maintain the standardisation of documents. Desktop publishing takes effect on both the original and translated documents, while maintaining the appearance of both.

Projects Requiring Desktop Publishing (DTP)

The translation of documents such as PDFs, catalogues, brochures and images require the use of desktop publishing. Translation will damage an already formatted document, and so DTP should be used.

Before delivery, Pos Translation will print and check your documents for any possible errors. Documents will be saved in PostScript or PDF (images) for printing.

Desktop publishing includes:

  • Taking Screenshots
  • Creating lists of directories and content
  • Alphabetisation
  • Checking consistency in headers and footers
  • Ensuring page layout consistency
  • Creating PDF documents

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