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Consecutive interpreting is where the interpreter notes the content of what is said, then after a few sentences they combine what they had previously noted with any new information, and explain this to the listener. Given that consecutive interpreting has no opportunity to be edited, errors are unacceptable. Because it isn't possible to use a written source, projects are given to specialist interpreters who prepare for the job well in advance. In general, consecutive interpreting is used for commercial meetings, business agreements, promotional meetings, press meetings, construction sites, factory tours, machine installations, training programs, product promotions, international trade fairs and trips, teleconferencing and videoconferencing and when one has many foreign guests. Consecutive interpreting doesn't require any technical equipment.

The consecutive interpreter's ability to think analytically is of key importance. It requires significant skill and experience to pick up meaning, subtleties and emphasis. It all hinges on excellent memory, listening, speaking and pronunciation skills. To meet different needs in all languages on a global scale, we and our team of professional consecutive interpreters provide consecutive interpreting services all over the world.

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